Portable Crushers - Mobile trailers


Each of the MINYU wheel-mounted portable crushing and screening plant products is an advanced, automated and highly integral crushing plant production unit, either or combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, and belt conveyor which comes standard with a feed bin-hopper , discharge bin-hopper, distributor and a very user-friendly, conventional electrical control cabinet. The crushing and screening plant is available in either of mobile, portable and skid-mounted configurations, with a capacity of 50-600 tons per hour, and final products of 0-70mm. Limited variation to our standardized designs according to well defined, engineering sets of customer requirements may be made available, provided all product structural and functional merits be properly conversed. The MINYU wheel-mounted portable plants are widely deployed in the global mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, material recycling and many other industries all over the world.

Each of the specified capacities is the maximum possible capacity in continuous, normal unit run and plant operation within which satisfactory plant configuration and engineering, unit installation and set-up are professionally conducted and completed, and continuously under ideal working conditions; which include but are not limited to acceptable raw feed quality and consistent, balanced and regulated feed conditions per general production requirements, among other sets of normal operational conditions being maintained at all times. In reality, actual production capacities vary relative to change in multiple site, plant and environmental conditions and parameters. MINYU does not in any way guarantee any capacity or production result without an additional, separate, clearly defined and specifically written consent, particular to any site, plant or installation as clearly indentified, defined and specified.

Model No Crusher Screen/Feeder

Motor Power Rating [kW]

Throughput [TPH] Total Unit Weight [KG]
Mini Compact MS2416/MCC600 MVG924/MOP1542T 164 40-60 38100
MSM3020 MS3020 MVGH824 78 60-90 27300
MSM3624 MS3624 MVGH943 111 90-130 35800
MSM4230 MS4230 MVGH1150 164 180-210 45500
MCM1000 MCC1000 MOP1542T 161 60-90 30600
MCM1150 MCC1150 MOP1848T 221 100-140 39400
MCM1300 MCC1300 MOP1848T 239 120-160 47600
MSPM200 MSP200 MOP1848T 243 170-250 35700
MSPM300 MSP300 MOP1848T 318 190-320 44000
MIMF102/115 MIC102115 MVGH1150 160 75-100 33100
MIMF133/115 MIC133115 MVGH1150 197 120-140 38000
MIM102/115 MIC102115 MOP1848T 160 75-100 35100
MIM133/115 MIC133115 MOP1848T 197 120-140 40000
MVM800 MIV800 MOP1848T 229 35-170 31200
MOM1848T - MOP1848T 79 80-120 22500
MOM2160T - MOP2160T 105 80-120 24900

Attention: Each of the specified capacities is the possible maximum capacity in continuous, normal unit & plant operations with satisfactory plant & unit configurations and under ideal working conditions, which include but are not limited to a full conformance to good quality of feed material as required, among other operational conditions which need to be established & maintained at all times. In reality, actual capacities will vary due to multiple site, plant & environmental factors. We do not guarantee in any way any capacity or production result without a separate, specifically written consent, particular to any case or installation being clearly identified & specified. Minyu Machinery Corp.,Ltd. reserve all rights.

Capacity based on continuous regulated feed of clean, dry limestone of normal hardness with a bulk density of 1.6 ton/m3. Capacity may vary +/- 25% with the size and nature of the rock and the working conditions of the plant.

All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.