Skid-Mount Crushing & Screening Products

Each of the MINYU skid-mounted crushing and screening plant products is an advanced, automated and highly integral crushing plant production unit, either or combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, complying with CE certification standards. Sensitive to topographical differences and environmental changes as well as manpower and resources constraints, each MINYU skid-mounted crushing plant unit is generally constructed with a pragmatic view to the ease of overall plant set-up, configuration flexibility, minimum energy consumption, minimum industrial pollution, and easy disassembly and maintenance with short maintenance & service down time.
Moreover, each MINYU skid-mounted unit comes standard with user-friendly operation control interface to ensure overall fast, safe, and stable conditions be maintained throughout the whole working process.
We offer a one-stop service for each MINYU skid-mounted crushing and screening plant unit covering design, engineering, manufacturing, technical advisory and commissioning either of one particular unit in demand or for an entire crushing and screening plant.

MODEL Unit 1
Unit 2
MSSHN MCC1000 15,920 No feed hopper
MCC1150 19,350 No feed hopper
MCC1300 21,450 No feed hopper
MCC1370HN 34,350 No feed hopper
MSSSP MSP100 14,850 No feed hopper
MSP200 19,900 No feed hopper
MSP300 27,650 No feed hopper
MSP400 35,850 No feed hopper
MSSMS MS2416 MVGH824 16,350 no catwalk,
no discharge conveyor
MS3624 MVGH943 25,450 no catwalk,
no discharge conveyor
MS4230 MVGH1150 31,420 no catwalk,
no discharge conveyor
MS5432 MVGH1360
MSH5434 MVGH1560 61,800 with catwalk
MSSIC MIC102/115 18,050
MIC133/152 27,800
MSSOP MOM1848D、T、F shared steel frame
MOM2160D、T、F 24,215 shared steel frame
Note: The above parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.